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Make a backup of your workstations

This service offers the possibility of making a backup of the workstations online, in an efficient and secure way. Ideal for backing up portable devices, where it is currently very common to have information stored locally, which users work on each day.

Benefits of Managed Desktop Backup

Full backup

Regardless of the location..
Backup of information distributed on your work devices regardless of the location. Only requires internet connection.

Secure recovery

Recovery with version control.
Secure, rapid, planned recovery of files, with version control, encryption, deduplication and compression. Continuous backup.

Without installation

You do not install the backup infrastructure.
With a backup agent at your workstations, you access backups on servers with guaranteed presence online and connected to our storage.

Free up your technicians

Free up your IT personnel from user file recovery work. Recover the copy and version you wish, personalise what is retained and the versions of the different copies.

Copy of open files

Make a backup of open files on devices with Windows, Mac and Linus OS, and generate backup and recovery reports.

Flexible and personalisable

Scalability of the service based on your needs, with great ease of backup of information distributed on the desktop, for the Disaster Recovery Plan.

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