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Your unified platform for the deployment of applications in multicloud environment

Use IT Cloud is a single interface for deploying and using all clouds (public and private), developed within the RD&I programme of Prologue Group, a multinational group to which Alhambra belongs, thanks to extensive experience in software development, consulting and managed and cloud services of the group.

Public Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
IBM Bluemix
Orange Business Services

Private Clouds

Vmware vCloud

Use IT Cloud Functionalities


Description of the loads of applications and services on generic cloud, reusable cloud and cloud agnostic models, regardless of the cloud providers.


Implementation of applications from catalogues of generic or personalised applications and configuration of the provider, resources, variables, network services, monitoring, automation and orchestration.


Single, centralised interface for the management of applications, with access to the VMs from the single portal, orchestration of provisioning and control of the activity on the VMs, volumes and firewalls.


You will have an inventory of all resources available and services on the cloud now implemented, as well as undertaking management and use of the services and resources available.

Benefits of Use IT Cloud


The Prologue Group has operated since 2010, committed to R&D to innovate in the multicloud environment:


2010 - 2012

Interoperable and reversible Cloudware.


2013 - 2015

Migration of applications from the platform in multiple clouds.

Use IT Cloud

Since 2016

Development of UseItCloud and commercialisation in March 2017.

Ease of management

An independent cloud description mode, which allows installation on all clouds and use of third party tools in DevOps mode.

Benefits for the Operations Department

A single, personalisable interface, with common commands, regardless of the target cloud.

Reduction of the need for multiple abilities on the cloud. A single training programme. Less requirements of personnel.

Freedom to have various infrastructures.

Integration with existing tools (AD, Chef, Puppet, Zabbix, Nagios).

Deployment and monitoring of applications and services.

Expansion of a private cloud on another cloud.

Integration with corporate portals or tools.

Quick and easy installation.

Possibility of adding new characteristics.

Self-service portal.

Training programme.

Benefits for Cloud Providers

Suitable for a multitude of commercial use cases.

Cloud broker.

Management of rates of cloud providers.

Offered as a service to third parties.

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