IT services to protect your business

We guarantee every IT element and ensure its optimal functioning.

We secure your future

We ensure the innovation of your business and its transformation towards its digital future.

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At Alhambra we help your company protect data, communications and processes against all types of incidents.

And we also secure the digital future of your business, boosting your ability to innovate and develop.
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The professional success of your company depends on:

Your customers' experience

Reputation, quality of your products and services, and good business performance.
How do I protect myself?


Alhambra conducts proactive monitoring of infrastructures and applications from our NOC-Cyber-SOC.


...of your staff and talent management in the company.
How do I protect myself?

Training and Talent

Alhambra offers you extensive training and certification plans through M2i Training.


Efficiency and control of all the processes involved in your business.
How do I protect myself?


Alhambra offers you Consultancy, implementation of Best Practices and improvement processes.

Software Quality

Capacity to control and manage your applications.
How do I protect myself?

Secure Software

Alhambra guarantees the development and integration of secure software and critical process control solutions.

Data Wealth

Ability to protect data and secure information and its veracity.
How do I protect myself?

Data Protection

Exploitation by BI, AI, Augmented Reality and Blockchain based systems.


Perfect functioning of telecommunications, internal systems and cloud.
How do I protect myself?

Secure Cloud

Take advantage of our secure and protected Cloud and a single platform to manage all your clouds.

...and your ability to innovate and develop.

« I would like to congratulate and thank the whole Alhambra team involved in the OAPGT eGovernment project. We have managed to launch something radically different, devised, designed and built applying SOA standards, achieving an environment that has a tremendous future and that lays the foundations for a disruptive way of understanding the digital transformation of the Government. Thank you for your effort, patience, dedication and professionalism».

Victoriano Fernández


« I thank you for the incredible work you have done over the last few weeks in the integration of Douglas + Bodybell’s shops and systems. And I congratulate you on this great success which is entirely yours (IT + Alhambra teams). I am very proud of all of you and the great work you have done!».

Patrick Chiron

Retail Intelligence Director, Douglas

« Congratulations on the great work you have done. It has been virtually transparent for users, and I consider it a huge success. Once again, congratulations, and thank you very much for the effort».

Alfonso Delgado

Systems Manager, AECC, AECC

Satisfied customers


We work in all sectors where security, confidentiality and control are necessary:

Financial Institutions
Public Security
Sectors that handle personal data

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At Alhambra we undertake to ensure excellence in the services we offer. To guarantee this commitment, we hold the most important and stringent certifications audited annually by independent firms that recognise and guarantee the excellence of all our activities, with special attention to the technological requirements that drive business, such as the most prestigious international standards in the field of Security Management, Cloud Services, Software Development and Business Continuity.

ISO 27001 / 27018 Cámara Logos
ENS Certificate
ISO 22301 / 20001 Cámara Logos
ISO 9001 y 1400
Quality CMMIDEV Logo

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