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Secure your mission critical applications

With our Disaster Recovery as a Service, you ensure the availability of your mission critical applications against any type of incident, failure, virus, outage, disaster or catastrophe which may leave the systems unused for a time, seriously damaging the economics of your business.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Secure your Business

Availability always guaranteed..
Guaranteed availability of your mission critical applications, without the cost or complexity of a physical DRP location, as part of the comprehensive availability strategy.

Reduce Investment

Greater data protection at a lower cost.
Backup + Replication + Cloud: A service which offers a consistent user experience and which reduces the general cost for protecting your data.

Efficient replication

Taking steps toward a real DR.
Efficient and accessible replication based on image with acceptable RTPOs for a real Disaster Recovery and for any workload on VM.

Virtual Data Center

You will have all resources necessary for the recovery of your systems with the target recovery time of a few hours (depending on systems and volume to be replicated).

The best consulting

Receive advice and direct management from our professionals for the recovery of a whole data Center based on the previously agreed plan.

Simple and advanced

Access a simple and simplified system of licences and prices, where you will also find truly advanced networking functions.

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