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MultiCloud. Connectivity with public and private clouds

Access the MultiCloud thanks to connectivity with public and private clouds, and backup, replication and load movement from a single management platform.

What is a MultiCloud environment?

The term MultiCloud refers to the use of different Cloud services in a single structure, which can be from different IT providers.

We are talking about both public Cloud and private Cloud.

The MultiCloud strategy is crucial for organizations that work with sensitive data and need to manage them separately in order to meet certain security requirements and quality standards.

However, thanks to its significant benefits, many companies are adopting it, whether they manage critical data or not.

Choose your MultiCloud

Alhambra cloud AWS and Azure

Alhambra Cloud + AWS + Azure

We make your Cloud integration easy

Connectivity with Public Cloud

Cloud-to-Cloud Connectivity

Integration with Azure, AWS and Private Clouds

BackUp, replication and load movement

BackUp, replication and load movement

Permanent access to your information on the cloud

IT Cloud

Use IT Cloud: Single Management Platform

Your unified platform for deployment of applications in the multicloud environment

Benefits of MultiCloud

Get a correct MultiCloud strategy and optimize efforts, resources, costs and align your organization with the security policies and quality standards in force.

These are some of the aspects you should take into account for each of the cloud services you consider:

• Criticality
• Performance
• Cost model
• The location of your Data Centers
• Service levels (Fill Rate)
• Security requirements
• The need for managed service
• Your flexibility for customized services

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