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Secure Wi-Fi as a service for any organisation

Our Wi-Fi as a Service is designed to cover the needs of Wi-Fi networks in the installations of each client. Therefore, we deploy the appropriate technology based on the needs and spaces of your organisation: offices, shops, storage facilities, warehouses, shopping Centers, hotels, sports Centers, etc.

Initial design

Initially, we take into account key aspects to understand saturation, areas which there is interest in activating based on use, what Aps to select based on the density and environment, defining scope and power, configuration of dives and the controller, etc.

Wi-Fi for your needs

We analyse needs based on the space, number of users and use required of the Wi-Fi, as well as the influence of external radios in the client installation, undertaking analysis with a radio spectrum analyser so that the Wi-Fi is adapted to your needs.

Access Points

Based on all factors, a specific model of access points will be used. To ensure the success of the implementation, a subsequent site survey will be carried out to certify the success of the installation.

Centralised management

Centralised management and upgrade for all locations and APs of the client.

Easy deployment

Easy growth and deployment based on your needs at all times. We connect the new Aps and they are automatically configured in your organisation.

Cost savings

Immediate cost savings: monthly payment for both APs and the cloud controller.

Administration included

The administration and replacement of APs are included in Wi-Fi as a Service.

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