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Access the most advanced Security Services on the cloud

Have the most advanced Security Services on the market, without the need for large investments, thanks to the Cloud security services offered by OneseQ, the cybersecurity department of Alhambra.

These services are based on our Cloud platform, and on it we build a set of active cybersecurity services of the highest level, which are usually only accessed by large companies, but which any organisation can now access as a service.

Security as a Service Solutions


Firewall as a Service

Many organisations need to access the Premium modality in their high performance UTM security to protect their corporate networks from any potential threat, attack or information leak.

Now any organisation can do so thanks to Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), a service which offers the largest range of network and security functions on the market, with payment based on use.

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Web Application Firewall as a Service

Entities which use web applications and connect their data to the internet need specific security solutions, as they are especially vulnerable to all types of threats.

Our Web Application Firewall as a Service (WAFaaS) provides all tools necessary for neutralising data leaks and attacks against computer infrastructure, as well as facilitating compliance with internal and sectoral regulations on data protection.

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Network Access Control as a Service

NACaaS is a service which gives your company visibility on your corporate network and provides the necessary tools for managing and responding to new security challenges. Additionally, it adapts to the requirements of external and internal regulations.

Network Access control as a Service is a cloud security service which allows management and control of access to the network.

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Application Delivery Controller as a Service

By using web applications and connecting your data to the internet, you need specific security and availability solutions to maintain the continuity of your business, defining new strategies and changing the rules of system capacities.

ADCaaS allows the balancing of web farms and encryption of communications. It protects web applications and allows that workload to be transferred from the CPU of the web server to another device that carries out all encryption and decryption, thereby freeing up the web server for other tasks.

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Authentication as a Service

Businesses and users increasingly use applications day to day (applications which are mostly cloud based services). Their continued use, whether on corporate devices or not, obligates businesses to manage the credentials of these applications.

Authentication as a Service is a cloud based service which allows the credentials of various applications, as well as various users, to be managed from a single place.

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