Secure Cloud and MultiCloud Services

The business Cloud service that protects your business

Alhambra Cloud ensures the quality of your information and protects your organisation’s data.

Alhambra Cloud is the Cloud platform 100% owned by Alhambra, specifically designed for the business world, complying with the most demanding requirements of reliability, scalability and security that a business needs. Integration with physical platforms of the client and access to multicloud environments (public and/or private).

Secure Cloud

Cloud services which are truly secure, flexible and dedicated to the business world, business to business, with full visibility, control and transparency.


Access to the MultiCloud thanks to connectivity with public and private clouds, and to backup, replication and load movement from a single management platform.


A Cloud which offers services for full, secure management, with high availability, perimeter security, load balancing, double authentication and 100% concerned with regulatory compliance.


With Alhambra Cloud, you will have a portal for provisioning, management and monitoring of the cloud so that you will always be able to control your resources, always hosted at the main Data Centers with known physical locations.


From the first moment, with Alhambra Cloud you will have clear visibility of the contracted services, with monthly payment for use, without hidden or unexpected costs and without investment, as there is no obsolescence of hardware or software.


True managed Cloud, with clear levels of service and with qualified professionals to respond to you directly. Based on the most widespread virtualisation standards, it offers full freedom of action and decision without “captive clients”.


A cloud which adapts to each business, which is integrated with the physical platform of the client and in multicloud environments with private and public clouds, as well as having a managed backup with the option of tape storage.

CO2 Neutral

We are also committed to the planet. We know what the generation of the electrical energy necessary for providing our Cloud services entails for the environment. We have therefore transformed into a “CO2 Neutral” organisation.

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Certified processes in Spain

At Alhambra we undertake to ensure excellence in the services we offer. To guarantee this commitment, we hold the most important and stringent certifications audited annually by independent firms that recognise and guarantee the excellence of all our activities, with special attention to the technological requirements that drive business, such as the most prestigious international standards in the field of Security Management, Cloud Services, Software Development and Business Continuity.

Procesos certificados en España

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