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Your repository on the cloud for all your backups

A service which allows your company to have a repository on the cloud to allow backups to be made, as well as to have full visibility of the status of the backup task, the amount of storage used, and even the possibility of initiating recoveries.

Benefits of the Managed Remote Backup

Secure your Backup

Your backup stored in an external location..
The peace of mind of having a second location away from your primary DPC, to ensure the backup of your information, with availability of the infrastructure (SLA).

Improve the recovery

Advance toward your DRP.
Improve the recovery times compared with traditional methods of externalisation on tapes and take the first step toward creating a contingency plan for disasters.

Maximum visibility

The advantages of visualising your resources.
The repositories of backups and consumption of resources will always be visible, with end-to-end encryption and granular restoration.

Regulatory compliance

Efficiency in your data protection and access processes, thanks to the use of technologies which ensure regulatory compliance (GDPR Compliance), as well as agreements with your clients / suppliers.

Maximum benefits

The advantage of incremental backups forever, retention policies, WAN acceleration, etc. Clear prices and predictable costs: payment by VM, and also by storage and bandwidth.

Easy and 24x7

Service offered with the 24×7 support modality, with easy installation and maintenance and ease of extension to a Disaster Recovery service (DRaaS).

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