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Greatest guarantee of safeguards

This is a complementary service both on virtual machine based systems and those hosted in closets in cold corridor cubes, where we provide all infrastructure for backups of both systems and data.

Benefits of the Managed Data Center BackUp

Maximum Safeguards

Your backup, fully secured..
Storage on tape for one year, weekly full backup and daily incremental backup. Storage at external Center, with a different location from our DPCs.

Don’t worry about management

We manage the Backup.
Full abstraction from the management and administration of backup infrastructure, freeing up your technical team to dedicate their time to the business.

Cost reduction

Without initial investment.
No investments in backup infrastructure or its storage, and reduction of the time spent by your IT personnel on backup or recovery incidents.

Ease of recovery

Maximum efficiency in your recovery process, with backup policies adapted to your needs, upon demand, and great ease of undertaking the recovery.

Flexible and scalable

Full flexibility due to being scalable based on your growth, integrating with other systems that you want or need to maintain, thanks to our 30 years of experience as an integrator.

Management and maintenance

We manage and maintain the backup infrastructure and software, segmented with private VLANs exclusively dedicated to the backup.

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