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Security in the face of mobility

The COVID-19 health crisis is causing many companies to introduce mechanisms to accelerate the return to relative normality as quickly as possible, taking the maximum possible precautions to ensure the well-being of people and prevent the spread of the virus.

Body temperature measurement is one of the most effective mechanisms for the early diagnosis of COVID-19 according to the WHO, along with Capacity Control, global solutions designed to be installed at company checkpoints or in high-traffic areas.


The global solutions for instantaneous measurement of Body Temperature and Capacity Control are designed to be installed at company checkpoints.

The thermal camera, through its web interface, makes it possible to detect the temperature of people in real time. In addition, if you wish, it allows you to launch an instant voice warning and thus stop the spread of the virus.


The solution can be deployed in SMEs, large companies and Public Institutions that want to control access to workplaces or high-traffic areas.

Thanks to the wide range of fixed and mobile solutions available, they can be installed in any company regardless of its sector: hospitals, shopping centres, supermarkets, offices, transport stations, communities, educational centres, airports, etc.

In real time




Accessible recordings

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Solution for individual remote measurements

Fixed solution in which individuals, located at a distance of 1 to 2 metres, must remain still for 2 or 3 seconds so that the camera can take the measurement on the tear duct (without glasses).

Display, analytics and alarm embedded in the camera itself

No need for a computer to control it

Easy to install

WiFi communication

Calibration certificate

Collective temperature measurement

Solution for collective remote measurements and facemask detection

Fixed solution for temperature measurement and image capture at an optimal distance of 3 metres. Recognises human figures, measures the temperature of faces at the central point of the forehead and detects facemasks.

Does not interfere with mobility between people. Does not cause queues.

Measures up to 3 users per second with AI algorithm

Configurable in single or multipoint mode (with single or multiple devices)

Integrates with your CCTV and access control systems

Excludes any heat source that may cause false alarms

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Portable thermal cameras

Mobile solution in which handheld thermal cameras perform the measurement through the quick and automatic detection of the user’s tear duct temperature.


> ±0.5 °C accuracy
> High performance hardware with high thermal drift control
> Alerts by display or audible signal
> Audible alarm if temperature threshold is exceeded

Fast and accurate measurement

Quick and easy setup

Convenient mobility

Thermal mobile phones and tablets

Thermal mobile phones and tablets

There are handheld devices in smartphone and tablet format with the ability to take temperature measurements with high accuracy and even with facial recognition and facemask detection in the case of higher-end devices.

Such devices are recommended for:

> Less frequented facilities
> Stepped accesses
> Situations of constant mobility

Fast and accurate measurement

Quick and easy setup

Total mobility

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Capacity control

By means of advanced software for the analysis of conventional images from a camera system (CCTV), capacity control allows you to:

• Count people
• Count people in a queue
• Control distances between people in a queue
• Detect crowds
• Trace individuals


> Integrated reporting and instant notifications on events on any device
> Display of up to 262 cameras on a single screen
> Mobile application for viewing and control

Professional software guarantee

Easy setup

User-friendly operation

Remote control

Always at your disposal

Alhambra offers you a comprehensive installation and maintenance service for all our mobility security solutions:


  • Control point installation
  • System configuration
  • Camera calibration
  • Recorder installation
  • Initial training for use


  • Telephone support for second level incidents
  • Handling of incidents involving hardware under guarantee with the manufacturer
  • Environment recalibration if necessary

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