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Make better decisions through AI and the integration of corporate applications

At Alhambra, thanks to our qualified team of professionals, as well as our experience and methodology, we know the concerns and objectives of companies, so we guide them on their way to success.

All this thanks to artificial intelligence and the implementation of the management software solutions they need in order to achieve their objectives more quickly and efficiently.

We optimise all processes throughout the project lifecycle with the help of the AI and data and process development and integration.

In short, we help you toincrease your competitiveness, make better decisions and boost the growth of your organisation.

What is data and process integration?

Data and process development and integration is a strategy tofacilitate information management and analysis, by bringing together and consolidating data from various sources and applications in one place. This enables organisations to improve the efficiency of their business processes and also helps to improve the quality and consistency of data used for decision making.

To achieve effective integration, it is necessary to employdifferent tools and technologies, which are responsible for extracting data from different sources, transforming it to conform to a common format, and loading it into a centralised database.

Services based on development and integration of data and processes

Artificial Intelligence

Improve decision making from large volumes of data.

Make interpretations of situations, predict their possible consequences and generate training systems for your teams based on previous experiences. All thanks to AI. In addition, enjoy blockchain-guided smart contract services, as well as a data-driven training system and human-language reporting, analysis and conversion.

Customised development

Automate processes, improve user experience and optimise costs.

Thanks to custom software development: implemen applications in .NET technology, web services, Windows services, desktop applications, web applications, etc.; make interconnections with SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, CRM, Navision/Business Central, etc. platforms; develop mobile apps that integrate with your corporate applications… We guarantee a high degree of security and scalability, as well as easy implementation.

DBA Microsoft SQL Server

Optimisation, administration and maintenance of databases.

Achieve successful information management systems and business organisation; define the planning and implementation of both hardware and software that will govern the architecture of the databases. Applying service and security policies at the highest level; perform migrations from old databases to new on premise or Azure servers; define maintenance and backupplans; identify errors or bottlenecks and optimise your system.

Document management with Sharepoint

Store, organise and share information.

Create and use team sites, document libraries and workflows to automate content review , approval and publishing processes. Includes security measures with user-level access permissions and document-level version control options. Alhambra offers you: Installation, migration, site administration, workflows, implementation of customised Jobs and webparts using .NET technology, etc.

Business Process Management (BPM) with Appian

Efficient business process automation and integration.

Boost IT governance and increase your company’s results with the right integration with your systems. With BPM, consolidate your organisation’s data and y eliminate information silos. In addition, it improves performance thanks to the automation of collaborative work that will allow you to simplify the design of workflows. In short, thanks to process automation and integration with other corporate systems, you will make better decisions.


Integration of systems and applications from different vendors.

Reduce complexity and increase visibility of workflows in real time. Identify bottlenecks and problems to improve decision making. BizTalk allows the interconnection of diverse systems, centralising, scheduling and parallelising the different asynchronous jobs, so that they can be carried out on a schedule that does not impact the business. In addition to high availability and scalable queue management. It is compatible with Azure Logic Apps and interconnectable through Azure Gateway.

Dynamics CRM

Customer relationship management, sales and marketing solution.

Manage and automate your sales, marketing and customer service processes on a single platform. Improve collaboration between your teams and have detailed information about customers and sales opportunities. Dynamics CRM is highly customisable and can be adapted to your specific needs, but most importantly, this business solution helps you make decisions based on data and information.

Advantages of the integration of data and processes with Alhambra

Tailored to your needs

Secure software for your business

At Alhambra we have extensive experience in secure development by design and in the integration of Data and Processes. We respond to your needs by designing special solutions that cannot be found on the market.

Always integrated

Customised for business and people

Integration is becoming increasingly important to adapt to the rapid changes in business. We strengthenthe connection of your processes, your human resources and your information throughout your organisation, and we also integrate processes and information with suppliers and customers.

We protect your information

We guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data.

Our team of professionals ensures the security of your data and that of your clients. We adapt to your needs:access permissions, version control, encrypted data, smart contracts (transmitted via SSL)…

We help you with your technology project.