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Become part of a technological adventure where you play a leading role

Technological, innovative and creative team

Become part of a technological, innovative and creative team

A place where technology, people and knowledge come together, and where there is a genuine commitment to make this union a lasting bond. If technology is part of your life, if you are creative, if you love challenges and if you are committed to improving the companies you work with, you too are Alhambra.

A perfect place to develop your potential

We offer you access to a stable, multidisciplinary, global and dynamic work environment, made up of professionals who are geared towards operational excellence, and where each member of the team plays an active role in our commitment to offer our clients the highest quality at all times.

Alhambra IT Office

Alhambra IT, one of the best companies to work for in Spain

Our company has been selected on several occasions in the ranking prepared by Actualidad Económica on the best companies to work for in Spain, reaching 60th place in 2021.

Alhambra, which has been present in the ranking since 2011, has climbed from 119th to 60th place this year. This progress responds to a policy of continuous improvement by its HR department, which has put a great deal of effort into: talent management, remuneration and compensation with flexible pay proposals, social benefits, flexible working hours, work-life balance and improved working conditions.

Join us and find out why.

Position in 2021:

Enhance and develop your career

Our technical professionals are involved in continuous internal specialised training plans that certify the quality of their work and their knowledge of the most innovative technologies, as a basis for the development of their careers.

Alhambra IT Work-life balance

Work-life balance as the basis for everything

We know that people come first and for that reason we implement flexibility policies so that you can adapt your day-to-day work life to your personal and family needs. Flexible working hours, flexible remuneration, flexible jobs, shorter working days, etc. We also encourage employee-company communication through work climate surveys, annual interviews and other procedures so that together we can continue to make progress in terms of work-life balance and professional well-being.

A socially responsible company

As a company, besides helping businesses improve their activity through technology, we are also highly active in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, seeking to add value and give back to society part of what society gives to us on a daily basis. As a member of Alhambra IT, a company belonging to the United Nations Global Compact, you will do your bit to improve our society in terms of human rights, labour standards and legislation, anti-corruption and the environment.

A responsible company

We help you with your technology project.