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The Infrastructures that secure your business

Your systems, storage, network and communications infrastructures are the essential layers that support your company’s applications and business processes.

At Alhambra we secure all these infrastructures to make them stable and efficient, and we protect them from possible failures or breaches that could affect the operation of your business.

Secured Infrastructure

Ensure the success of your IT projects.

To ensure the success of your infrastructure projects, as well as the successful management of the systems in operation, it is necessary to provide optimal solutions so that your technological infrastructure can meet the business challenges of your company.

Optimised Infrastructure

Optimise your business by optimising your infrastructure.

Your company needs to work on stable and optimised platforms, with proper management of your storage, with a correctly sized network and with efficient use of current resources.

With Maximum Integration

Infrastructures that multiply the value of your business.

At Alhambra we do not treat IT projects as independent layers, but are committed to solutions that are aligned with your actual needs at all times, end-to-end solutions integrated into your current infrastructure.

Integration of Systems, Storage, Virtualisation and Mobility

Systems, Storage, Virtualisation and Mobility Infrastructures are essential layers that support the company’s applications and business processes. Your company must ensure that this infrastructure is stable, efficient and secure in order to avoid failures that could affect the operation of the business..

Integration of Systems, Storage, Virtualisation and Mobility

Perfect optimisation

Access to stable and optimized platforms thanks to good storage management, correct network dimensioning and adequate use of existing resources: multiplatform servers, messaging and collaboration, databases, SBC, critical environments and intelligent data centers.

Do more and do it better

Know from the outset the current state of your infrastructure, analyse all the possibilities for optimising the performance of your systems and get first-hand knowledge of the technologies that will enable you to do more and do it better.

Your information available

Optimised, replicated and managed storage and the right choice of systems are key to ensuring the availability of your information: NAS / SAN networks, synchronous / asynchronous replication, backup or information lifecycle management (ILM).

Independence and flexibility

Thanks to the hardware independence and flexibility provided by virtualisation technologies, you consolidate your servers, increase hardware productivity, with high availability, disaster recovery and Data Centre or desktop virtualisation.

Mobility without barriers

Being able to work from anywhere, at any time and from any device to access corporate information is an increasingly indispensable requirement for modern companies as they move forward in their digital transformation. Secure your mobility and integrate it with your infrastructure. Secure mobility and integrate it with your infrastructure.

Cost reduction and responsible consumption

Optimising your infrastructures enables you to make better use of your hardware and software resources, while achieving a clear reduction in costs, which means taking a step towards responsible energy consumption.

Unified Communications Convergence

Enjoy a true convergence of Voice, Data and Video to improve your services and be more competitive, integrating the most advanced unified communications solutions for your business through your own data network. Make the most of your communications with employees, offices, customers and suppliers by ensuring their perfect operation and sizing. Make the most of your communications with employees, headquarters, customers and suppliers with a perfect functioning and sizing of the same.

Unified Communications Convergence

Leading IP Telephony Technology

Integrate IP Telephony with your current infrastructure, alonside conventional telephony, with the leading Cisco, Avaya, 3CX and Asterisk technologies, with a fast return on investment and value-added solutions.

Integration with MS Teams and Cisco Webex

Integrate Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex with your telephony platform or IP operator and your users will be able to communicate through calls, video calls and web conferences and chat and share files with total security and confidentiality.

Your own Contact Centre

Uninterrupted and efficient communication with customers, employees, suppliers and collaborators is becoming more and more essential for companies. We advise you and design and integrate your own Contact Centre with the most advanced Call Centre services, autodialler and integration with other channels, including social media.

Integration with your ERP/CRM

Capturing and updating data in your ERP / CRM has become crucial to the development of your business. Therefore, it is essential to integrate your ERP / CRM with your Call and Contact Centre IP and take advantage of a golden opportunity to take a step further in your digital transformation strategy.

Greater productivity and lower costs

Videoconferencing solutions increase productivity among geographically distributed staff, open up remote training and collaboration possibilities for your employees and reduce travel costs.


Unified Messaging increases the opportunities for your employees’ day-to-day progress and improves communication with each other and with their current or potential customers, suppliers or collaborating companies, thanks to the convergence of fax, email, SMS, telepresence, chat, social media, etc.


Manage your multichannel communications

handVox Logo

Manage your multichannel messaging

handVox es una solución de mensajería multicanal que permite una completa gestión de Comunicaciones de entrada y salida, por cualquiera de los canales existentes: voz, fax, SMS e e-mail.

It consists of five major modules (IVR System, Automated Attendant and Voicemail System, Multichannel Dialer, Voice Recorder and ISDN to IP Gateway), as well as other more specific modules that add value to the solution, depending on your needs.

Use IT Messaging Logo

Contact other companies securely

Use IT Messaging (Saas – On Premise) is a powerful international multi-company fax server solution. You will be able to connect easily with companies all over the world, thanks to its total integration, there are no limits.

In addition, from Alhambra we offer you the possibility of installing Use IT Messaging in the cloud under extensive security guarantees, without the need for training or specific software required.

Implementation of multi-operator SD-WAN Solutions

If communications play an essential role in the day-to-day running of your company, ensuring they are properly sized, secure and always accessible is vital for the continuity of your business. The more your business depends on communications, the more necessary it is to secure, replicate and monitor them 24×7.

Multi Operator Communications Architecture

Secure SD-WAN

Secure your communications through Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN technology, where in addition to saving you costs and improving the management of your WAN networks, we will add visibility and security, consolidation and integration to ethernet and wireless networks.



We provide you with all the communications lines that your project requires, always choosing the operator or operators that best suit your needs for the proper sizing and replication of your communications.

24x7 SOC

Your communications are managed and monitored by a team of highly qualified engineers through our 24×7 SOC. In addition, any incident will be dealt with directly by our engineers, not by a call centre.


We help you with your technology project.