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Conditions MIA

This condition details how the customer interacts with the Alhambra IT Customer portal (MIA), commitments and responsibilities for the parties, and what customer and portal users can expect from this service.

MIA is a free platform that is not a contractual part of the services provided. MIA may be subject to changes and improvements for better customer service. For the same reason, the functionalities may be totally or partially discontinued if Alhambra considers that they do not provide significant value for the customers, but this does not means modification of the contractual conditions of the service.

Customers accepts these terms as an essential part of the activation process for his MIA account.

What is MIA

MIA is an online point of contact for the management of Alhambra IT services that offers information of interest such as incident management, capacity and performance reports, service and contract status panels, persons of interest for management and quick notifications of services by the customer, etc.

Utility of MIA

MIA allows making changes to the services, the necessary contact points for relevant communications, as well as modifying some of the customer services. MIA also allows access to relevant information on the IT infrastructures and services used by the customer through periodic reports and real time monitoring. For this reason, it is important that the customer safely keep his access credentials to MIA and the permissions that he can give to other members of his organization or third parties who participate in the management of the IT services that he has contracted with Alhambra. Alhambra IT delivers a main account for access to MIA to the IT manager designated by the customer, and at this time customer is responsible for the activation, use and maintenance of the main account, as well as the additional accounts that it generates for other users with their corresponding privileges. Customer must keep the data in MIA updated, with special attention to data on people who occupy decision-making roles in their relationship with Alhambra IT, or to whom Alhambra IT could provide information due to the privileges that their account has in MIA.
In the event of any urgent change in privileges, customer understands that the period for real production the changes may be delayed 15 minutes.

Personal data

MIA may contain personal data to facilitate the provision of services, such as name, telephone number and email of people related to the management of the services provided by Alhambra. These data provided by the customer are treated in accordance with the legitimations published in our Privacy Policy, available on the Alhambra IT website.

MIA Maintenance

MIA may be temporarily unavailable due to updates or new features. Alhambra IT will make these stops according to criteria of less impact for the customer, giving prior notice of them whenever possible. As it is not part of the contractual service, the unavailability of MIA is outside of the service guarantees established in the SLAs.

Under non-specific Alhambra criteria, an account may be blocked if it is being used for purposes contrary to the interests of Alhambra or our customers.

Although the services information published in MIA is based on the contractual relationship that the customer has with Alhambra, services may exist outside of MIA. Your account manager at Alhambra IT will answer any questions.

Morevoer, it´s possible that some data in MIA about the services contain errors due to a temporary lack of refreshment in the data or other reasons beyond the control of Alhambra IT. For this reason, the information published in MIA and the reports generated do not imply a tacit acceptance by Alhambra IT of said data for decision – making for the services, being reviewed by Alhambra IT if the customer requests it.