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The quantum ecosystem that overcomes knowledge barriers

QPath (QuantumPath) is the world’s first platform for the development and lifecycle of quantum software applications, which aims to accelerate the access of companies to quantum computing. The platform is Spanish and we have launched it onto the market from aQuantum, Alhambra’s area of research, development, consultancy and specialised services in quantum software engineering and programming.

RAD Platform

QPath is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) platform that accelerates the construction and deployment of quantum applications, avoiding their technical complexities. It supports multidisciplinary teams, allowing them to focus only on the functional knowledge required for the solution

Accelerates processes

In addition to providing companies with easier access to this technology, it accelerates the process of adopting quantum computing in companies (3 to 5 years), which is of incalculable value in the execution of R&D projects.

Integrates with other platforms

The platform allows the integration of multiple approaches and proposals from different quantum technology providers (IBM, Microsoft, Rigetti, D-Wave, Googl, etc.), as well as third-party quantum computing simulators (such as QuTech or CTIC), helping to create hardware-agnostic quantum software solutions and proposals

Quality assurance and best practices

QPath assures the quality of quantum development projects, as well as the implementation of best practices in programming and software engineering, following the fundamental principles of the Talavera Manifesto for Software Engineering and Quantum Programming.

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