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Devoted to IT since 1991

Alhambra is a company with a long history in the integration of technological solutions and services.

Year after year, since 1991, we have been growing in knowledge, quality, innovation, number of employees, clients, variety of IT solutions and services we offer, international scope and, in general, as a benchmark company in the technology sector.

A strong group listed on the Paris stock exchange: PROL

In 2000 we joined forces with the French company Prologue Software (now Prologue S.A.), a company listed on the Paris stock exchange: PROL, and together we form an international group operating in Europe, the USA and South America.

Alhambra IT is listed on the Paris stock exchange: PROL

Constant development

ISP Integrator

We began in the 1990s as an integrator, and shortly afterwards, we started with projects for the installation and management of systems, networks and communications infrastructures. This led us to become one of the first Internet Service Providers in Spain in 1994.

Unified Communications

At the end of the 90s, we entered fully into the world of voice communications and telephony. This became one of our main growth factors, as we became a VoIP Operator.

Cloud Services

Our Managed Services developed and in the early 2000s we made the leap to Cloud Computing; what has now become secure, flexible, dedicated Cloud Services designed for the business world, with full visibility, control and transparency.

Secure Software

Thanks to our professionals and the experience of the company, we continuously enhance our secure software solutions to solve our clients’ problems and improve their businesses by improving their communication, agility, competitiveness, etc.


Over the years, we have seen how cybersecurity has become an increasingly important area for our clients, which is why we created OneseQ, our cybersecurity area with 24×7 NOC / SOC services whose mission is to ensure the security of our clients.

Leader in Training

Following the integration of Alhambra’s training area with M2i France, M2i Formación España has been created with a full range of courses thanks to our experience as a partner of the main manufacturers, the knowledge of our certified instructors and the know-how of one of France’s leading training organisations: M2i.

Evolution and future of Alhambra IT

Looking to the future

We also broadened our horizons and, in addition to operating in Spain and France, we took the leap and found our niche in the USA, Latin America and Brazil..

Today, we still pursue all these activities, while continuing to innovate and commit ourselves to projects for the future, such as LAB SEC Blockchain, the first secure blockchain experience laboratory in Spain; aQuantum, a group devoted to research, development and training and consultancy services for the development of quantum software; Use IT Cloud, the multicloud management platform; and innovative training programmes such as quantum programming, with the constant aim of meeting the needs of our clients.


We help you with your technology project.