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Focused on Excellence

We belong to the Technology Area of many large companies in key sectors of the world economy. This obliges us to align ourselves with the requirements and demands that our clients assume on a daily basis, both for their business and their own customers, as well as for the regulatory environment in which they operate.

Committed to the planet

Committed to you, committed to the planet

Since our inception, in Alhambra IT we have been committed to offering innovative and quality IT services and solutions that guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. This is thanks to our focus on quality, our commitment to R&D&I, our constant growth and our international presence.


We are CO2 Neutral

Our commitment is also to the planet. At Alhambra IT we are aware of the environmental footprint caused by the generation of the electricity needed to provide our services. Thus, in 2016, we launched the Alhambra IT 2020 commitment to become a “CO2 Neutral” company by 2020, or in other words: to eliminate or offset all the emissions produced by our activity.


CO2 Neutral
  • All our CUPs receive energy with a guaranteed 100% green origin.
  • Our main and back-up data centres also guarantee the 100% green origin of the energy.
  • Our central offices (Madrid) from where our SOC/NOC/24×7 services are provided operate uninterruptedly with 100% green energy.

Top quality guaranteed

At Alhambra we are committed to excellence in the services we provide. To guarantee this commitment, we hold various certifications audited annually by independent firms that recognise and guarantee the excellence of all our activities, with special emphasis on the technological requirements that drive the business, such as the most prestigious international standards in the field of Security, Services, Software Development and Continuity management.

ISO/IEC 27701

ISO 27701

Information Privacy Management Systems

ISO/IEC 27018

ISO 27018

Protection of Personal Information in the Cloud

ISO/IEC 27001

ISO 27001

Information Security Management System

ENS Categoría Alta RD311-2022


National Security Scheme

ISO 22301

ISO 22301

Business Continuity Management System

ISO/IEC 20000-1

ISO 20001

Service Management System

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Quality Management System



Quality in Software Development

Our next objectives include achieving: CMMI maturity level 5, EFQM, ISO38500, ISO 19601, as well as our Transparency Project.

We help you with your technology project.