Multichannel communications management

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handVox and Use IT Messaging

handVox and Use IT Messaging are products with which you can manage your communications in a straightforward way: voice, fax, SMS, mail, etc.

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Manage your multichannel messaging

handVox is a multichannel messaging solution that allows comprehensive management of incoming and outgoing communications, through any of the existing channels: voice, fax, SMS and email.

Our Global Communications Platform is made up of five major modules (IVR System, Automated Attendant and Voicemail System, Multichannel Autodialer, Voice Recorder and ISDN to IP Gateway), in addition to other more specific modules that add value to the solution, depending on your needs.

handVox is characterised by: high availability, integration in Appliances, 24×7 maintenance, SNMP management, In-House or Service Format, platforms automatically monitored in a 24×7 service and the possibility of carrying out any integration or customised functionality.

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Contact with other companies in a secure way

Use IT Messaging (Saas – On Premise) is a powerful international multi-company fax server solution. You will be able to connect easily with companies all over the world. Thanks to its total integration, there are no limits.

Furthermore, at Alhambra we offer you the possibility of installing Use IT Messaging in the cloud with extensive security guarantees, with no need for training or specific software.

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