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Respond quickly to emergencies

Alhambra offers you Alerta 360, a multi-domain command and control centre, so that your company’s management can be aware of and respond to the increasingly complex security incidents that can compromise your business (accidents, breakdowns, attacks, etc.).

A single vision

Digital transformation increases the propagation of incidents between different systems, which is why you need a single vision that knows how to relate employees to all assets, in order to apply response protocols that integrate security, cybersecurity and maintenance resources, etc.

Comprehensive management

Alerta 360 allows you to manage the levels of services offered to your clients and to have all the necessary data for occupational risk or quality audits, while simplifying the decision-making process for the Management Committee in crisis situations.

Alerta 360 is a suite made up of several modular solutions to suit your needs:

Incident Management

There are two versions available to suit the level of complexity required. It integrates events from CyberSOC, NOC, CAU, communications, automation and sensors.


Smartphone application that allows the employee or collaborator to report and monitor the troubleshooting process, receive alerts, and carry out confidential communications between company staff.

IoT devices

Based on LoraWan (wireless), Alhambra has sensors and communication devices such as “panic buttons” for rapid deployment of measures to increase the physical security of employees and assets.

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