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Optimise your creative department

Through the creation of a collaboration area, optimise your working methods by meeting the specific needs of communication, graphic production, marketing and communication agencies.

Adiict has a wide range of functionalities: it centralises all product information from different sources (ERP, Marketing, CRM, DAM, etc.); it manages multipage documents for printing on paper (catalogues, brochures, magazines, books, etc.); it enables the management of spreadsheets, etc.


Adiict is a modular system, which allows you to customise your solution and adapt it precisely to your business. The modules are complementary and communicate with each other to simplify your work processes.


Invite customers, suppliers and collaborators to participate in your projects; manage tasks to be more efficient, by controlling deadlines, validations, etc. Access management allows you to display only the information that each user needs to know.

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