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Your processes aligned with the business

The right use of the technology that your company needs is key to improving your activity and, therefore, your business. At Alhambra we support you throughout the entire lifecycle of the technological project or service and we advise you so that it is always in line with what is really important, your business.

Además, te ofrecemos la posibilidad de ir más allá y generar juntos procesos de alineación y certificación de tu organización y de las actividades de IT en el ámbito de la Gestión y el Gobierno tecnológico.

Operational Excellence

Take advantage of our Consulting Unit..

We follow the principle of operational excellence to fully respond to all your technological needs, applying cutting-edge methodologies and best practices.

IT Governance and Management

Alignment and certification processes..

We help you carry out all the processes of alignment and certification of your company and your ICT activities in the field of Technology Management and Governance in order to increase your efficiency.

Competitive improvements

Together we improve your business..

We put our practical and realistic IT, innovation and market knowledge at your disposal to make your business more competitive, improving its efficiency, security and reliability.

The best for your business

Our professionals have a comprehensive understanding and overview of your needs and the relationship between technology and your business. They assess the alternatives that exist in the market and choose the most suitable for your company.

Backed by a guarantee

Our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that they are backed by a company with 30 years’ experience that frees up internal resources to devote to other more productive tasks for their business.

Meticulous Planning

We plan each of the tasks with you in detail, achieving coexistence with your current infrastructure, minimising risks and enabling technological transition without impacting your business.

Advice and Implementation

We support you in the implementation of the solutions necessary for your business, following the best practices of each manufacturer and integrating the technologies in such a way as to get the most out of each one.

IT Service and Project Management

  • IT Service Management (ITIL, ISO 20000 and Management Systems Integration).
  • Software Development and Maintenance Management (CMMI and ISO 15504)
  •  Project Management (ISO 21500 and PMBoK)
  •  Implementation of Team Foundation Server with templates for ISO 15504

Security Management

  •  Design, Implementation and Certification Support (ISO 27000)
  •  Business Continuity Plan
  •  Security Master Plan
  •  PCI – DSS Audits and Ethical Hacking
  •  Vulnerability analysis and risk classification
  •  Legal adaptation (LOPD, etc.)
  •  National Security Scheme (ENS) and National Interoperability Scheme (ENI)

IT Governance and Outsourcing

  •  IT Corporate Governance (COBIT and ISO 38500)
  •  Data Analysis and Dashboard
  •  IT Governance and ICT Diagnostics
  •  Green IT
  •  Value & Cost Management
  •  Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  •  Virtual Outsourcing for software development projects with G-Mevalhe
  •  Service Desk Configuration and Management (SMO)
  •  Project Management and Project Office Configuration and Management (PMO)

We help you with your technology project.