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Your centralised digitalisation platform

Your platform for the communication and digitalisation of all your company’s documents. Use IT Suite is made up of different modules, all interactive, to manage incoming documents (paper or electronic), circulating documents (to share, sign, validate, etc.) and outgoing documents (to customers, suppliers, public authorities, banks, etc.)

More and better communication

Private connectivity between branches and your head office..

The Managed IP Communications Service (Communications Outsourcing) allows your remote offices to connect to the central access node of Alhambra and we offer private and controlled addressing.


24×7 monitoring service..

Our commitment to you is clear: the solutions implemented must work and provide a seamless service to the business, which is why we provide a specialised technical support service in communications.

Cost savings

Agreements with major carriers..

Agreements with the major operators in the market and the economies of scale generated enable us to combine their lines in order to reduce costs and increase bandwidth and availability.

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